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Kuu Japanese Restaurant is fast becoming the best Japanese restaurant in Bali. Our menu combines the quality of local grown produce throughout a variety of raw dishes, meat and seafood for a truly unique and memorable dining experience. Kuu Japanese Restaurant is a fully licensed establishment. Be sure to try a selection from our robust wine, sake and cocktail menu to further enhance your Kuu Japanese Restaurant experience.

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3days ago

Today’s lunch recommendation, Gyu Yakiniku Don. Rice bowl with sliced beef yakiniku sauce, served with miso soup to make it more enjoyable


4days ago

Come and taste our delicious and crispy tempura for your lunch.. Itadakimasu!


5days ago

Who is up for some sushi today? 🍣


6days ago

@kuubali is always at it's dedicated heart to deliver the best and chosen for quality!


7days ago

This is the favourite part of our restaurant to sit, relax, and enjoy Sanur's atmosphere in the afternoon ❤


8days ago

Everyday is beautiful, and so is the drink that accompanies it ❤🍸

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General Question

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, major credit cards are acceptable and we also accept debit cards. We only accept cash in Indonesian Rupiah and not any other foreign currencies.

  • Do you sell gift cards?

    We do sell gift vouchers, they are available in IDR 250.000 value. Please contact the restaurant directly.